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Q) What is the ROAR Race?

A) It is a multisport event designed to cater for both experienced and lesser experienced sports people. 

Q) What Are Race Categories for the ROAR?

A) The categories for the Achill ROAR are: 

Mini - 18km

Sports  - 31km

Expert - 63km

Link to Route Map HERE

Q) What are the disciplines and distances in the ROAR Race?

A) Running – Mainly off road ( 5km Mini, 8km Sports or 15km Expert)

Cycling – On Tarmac (12km Mini,  22km Sports or 45 km Expert) 

Swimming  Or Paddling a Double Sit on Top Kayak (Kayak Equipment Provided) Or Paddling your own Single kayak (Bringing your own PFD and paddle)

Swim* - ~400m Mini, ~800m Sports or ~1200m Expert * Swim distances include ~200m of shallow water at entry & exit from lake

Paddling - ~800m Mini, ~1500m Sports or ~2500m Expert

NOTE:- Exact distances for the swim and paddle will be finalised dependent on weather and prevailing lake conditions to give a fair match between a good swimmer and a pair of good paddlers in the double sit on top kayaks being provided with an allowance for swimmers to remove wetsuits after the swim .

If you are a poor swimmer you should probably opt for the kayaking.

If you are a skilled paddler and have access to a fast single sea kayak or racing boat then you are better off using that.

If you are a fast swimmer and poor paddler then probably best opt for the swim.

That decision is not easy but that makes it as fair as we can :-)

Wet suits are recommended but not mandatory for the swim section

Q) What is the cost of entry?


Cost of entry for 2015 event:

Entry Now closed for 2015 event

Group Discount for 4 - 6 (10%), 7-10 (15%), 11+ (20%) - Discount is applied to price before you pay yes

 Spot prizes only will be awarded in the Mini ROAR event to avoid it being targeted as easy pickings angle

Costs Quoted are fully Inclusive of All Entry Charges for the online entry system provider and ROAR Sleeveless fleeces* and Race buff

* fleeces guaranteed for first 500 entries only ( Reached on 27/8/15) - alternative top will be offered if entered after this date

Our entry fee structure is designed to encourage participants to come and join us in beautiful Achill for a great event.

Entry fees are non refundable but name changes FOC are permitted up to 20th August

Enter Achill ROAR Here

Q) Is entry cost inclusive of the on-line entry system provider’s commission?

A) Yes – Your entry cost is inclusive of this commission!

 Q) What are categories for prizes?

A) For Sports Solo and Expert Solo categories there will be prizes (Amphibian King West vouchers and Crannmor Pottery tankards) for first 3 Male / Females in Open and first Vet (Over 40 ) Categories.

Spot prizes only will be awarded for Mini ROAR event (At Race Party) to avoid this event being targeted by experiences athletes.

Should a Vet be eligible for an Open prize they will have the choice of taking either that or their category prize but not both.

Should they elect to take the Open class prize, the next placed Vet will recieve their prize, etc

It is anticipated that in addition to these prizes there will be some loacally provided spot prizes available for all participants attending our after event Prizegiving and the now legendary after Race Party in Gielty's starting at 9pm on Saturday night.

Free shuttle busses will be provided to and from the party venue at Gielties.

Pure Magic will also be hosting a post race gathering at their great base close to Keel Lough for those looking for a more laid back and lower key way to celebrate the weekend

Q) What Type of Terrain is the running section in the ROAR Race?

A) For the all categories, 100% of this section is off road 

Trail shoes are definitely recommended for sport and expert events though if the mountain is dry and you are a competent off road runner then regular road runners may be ok - Your risk and your choice but trail shoes should be of advantage. 

The run section for both sport and expert categories will be a mix of coastal sand, grass, open mountain and some rock.

For the Mini event the run will be completely flat over grass and beach sand and pebbles terrain.- Regular runners should be ok

Q) What Type of Terrain is the Biking section in the ROAR Race?

A) For both all events the terrain will be tarmac roads for which any type of roadworthy bicycle can be used. 

The Mini category will hav eno significant climbs or descents

The Sport category will be somewhat undulating but have no major climbing sections

The Expert category will have a few decent climbs and descents - time trial bikes are not recommended

Please only elect to use tri bars on a bike if you are experienced and competent in using them enlightened ! 

Q) Is there somewehere that I can hire a bike or a single kayak?

A)  There are several bike hire providers in the Achill area that are listed on the Achill Tourism website

These may be hybrid or mountain bike type.

If you aim to be competing at the front of the Expert or Sport field we suggest you bring your own road bike and single Kayak and make sure they are in good working order

Q) Can Anyone Take Part?

A) YES - The competitors in this event are not expected to be professional racers but ordinary people wishing to take part in not just a race but an adventure, an experience and a test of themselves. 

The Expert categoryis a tough event and should only be attempted by those that have trained for this challenge.

The Sport category is a more achievable level for novices and beginners to tackle and complete.

The Mini category is aimed at beginners who have little or indeed no previous competitive experience in similar events

Those with experience of competing in events that are not of a beginner standard are asked to leave the Mini to beginners.

We are likely to have several wave starts for both expert and sport categories and these will be allocated to Elite, Runnere and Jogger/Walker levels as selected at on-line registration stage

A single wave start is likely for the Mini ROAR competitors

We guarantee that the feeling of accomplishment when you finish the event in whatever category will be second to none and one that will have you telling stories for a long time to come long after the race and party are finish. 


Q) What are guidelines for entering as Elite, Runner or Jogger?

A)  Elite is for those with race experience and serious fitness who are aiming to be in the top 25% of finishers

Runners would typically be in the 25 - 75% of finishers and would maybe be competing a 10k run on the flat in say 42- 55 mins
Joggers would be those who would be aiming to complete the course at their own slower pace and probably would take their time, enjoy the scenery and maximise their enjoyment of the day


Q) Is the event Safe?

A) Safety is paramount for this event. 

All racers are required to follow all rules of the road over the entire course - stopping at stop signs, staying to the left, obeying the instructions of Gardaí, marshals, etc. 

The event will have a full set of rules most of which are aimed at the safety of everyone - racers, event crew and the public. 

Your entry to the Achill Roar event is conditional upon your agreement to follow these rules

Q) Can you tell me where and when are the starts is for the Sport and Expert Races?

A) All waves will start beside Race Transition area on Keel Beach (First wave at 1000 hrs)

Briefing will take place 10 mins before each wave start at Keel Beach.

Wave Starting Times 

The Wave Start times are as follows:

Wave 1 at 10.00 – Expert Course – Elite, Runners and Joggers

Wave 2 at 11.00 – Sports Course – Elite and some Runners

Wave 3 at ~11.30 – Sports Course – Remainder of Runners

Wave 4 at ~ 12.00 -  Sports Course - All Joggers

Wave 5 at ~12.30 – Mini Course  – All Runners and Joggers

Race briefing will take place 10 mins before each wave start at start area

If you are late and miss your wave start you will be premitted to start in a later wave and your race time will reflect this but this must be arranged with the start officials to avoid the possibility of a shortage of kayaks.

If you wish to race with family or friends in the same wave we will permit some degree of wave swapping on race day morning Where Space in Other Waves Permits - This will be arranged on a first ocme first served basis on the day

Q) What are the Race Sign on / Check-in times?

A) There is no Registration Available after online reg closes on Monday 31th August!

Race Sign On :

Thurs 3rd Sept:- 1pm to 6pm only

Amphibian King West - Oranmore, Co Galway - 1pm to 6pm

Fri 4th Sept:- 9am to 1.30pm only

Amphibian King West - Oranmore, Co galway - 9am to 1.30pm only

Fri 4th Sept::- 5pm to 10.30pm

Sign On at ROAR Race HQ in Gieltys Achill

Gieltys is approx 2.5 km from Keel beach transition area. 

All participants are requested to Sign on by 10.30pm on Friday if possible

Saturday 5th September at Gieltiys - Rac eHQ

08.30 to 09.00 hrs for Expert Category

08.30 to 10.00 hrs for Sport/ Mini Category

There will be no opportuntiy to sign on at the race start / finish area on Saturday - Race Sign On Only at Gieltys

Racking of bikes and placing of gear in the transition area can take place anytime after 0830 hrs on Sat for all categories

All Expert bikes should be in place in transition by 09.45

All Sport Bikes should be in place in transition by 10.15 

All Mini Bikes should be in place in transition by 12.00

Bike and helmet inspection will take place before entry is permitted to the transition area and you shouild label with your race number on your bike prior to presenting it for inspection when entering the transition area.

Access to transitions area is only possible by presentation of your race number to marshalls.

Race Briefing will take place 10 mins before the start of each wave

Please Note: Nothing is sent to you in the post before the event, everything you require to take part in the event is issued at race sign in at ROAR Race HQ in Gielties

Q) Where and when is the Race Party?

A) The official race party is in Gieltys on Saturday evening kicking off with the prize presentation at 9am.

Free shuttle busses will be running throughout the evening to and from Gielties

This year we again have Fancy dress party so please do dress up/ down and join in the fun.

Prizes for best costumes and free drinks vouchers will be given out to the first 50 arriving in fancy dress to the party yes

There are some other party venues through out the island and we encourage you to explore and enjoy all that the island has to offer during your stay for the weekend or hopefully longer.

Pure Magic in particular is recommended for those looking for a more laid back party venue close to Keel Lough

Q) Can I take part in any of the events and raise money for a Charity?

A) Yes, you are more than welcome to enter any of the categories and raise money for your chosen charity. 

We will be making a donation of €2 from every entry received to a local cause.

 You may chose to raise money from your participation in the event for any charity but this is a personal decision and there is no minimum sponsorship requirement to enter or participate in the Achill ROAR race.

Q) Do I get a Race Top?

A) Yes - a  ROAR sleeveless fleece race top and ROAR Buff is included as part of your entry for the first 500 entries.

Exact Size top may not be possible for Late Entries - Priority will be given to those that enter early 

Q) Can you let me know if there is a map available which shows the route on it?

A) The route map is posted on the home page of the web site

Maps of the route will be on display at race check-in.

Route is clearly marked with arrows and it is your responsibility to follow the signed route for your particular race. 

Q) Is there a lower age limit for the event?

A) Yes, the minimum age for the event is 18 unless otherwise agreed with the organisers

Q) What age qualifies as Vet category?

A) We will have Over 40 Vet classes for both Male & Female 

Over 40 Category will apply to anyone born on or before 5th September 1975

Q) Can you bring your own solo racing kayak or do you have to use one of the sit on top kayaks provided?

A) For 2015 you may bring your own single kayak if you wish to do so

You must also bring your own paddle and PFD  if you are electing to bring your own kayak!

Everyone else will have to use the double sit-on-top kayaks provided by the organisers unless you are swimming

You may not use double kayaks other than the sit on tops provided.

Q) Will there be time outs during the race.

A) We will not have any time outs as we will have sufficient boats available for each wave.

Q) Will the course be achievable with little or no Kayaking Experience?

A) Yes

The kayaking is likely to be new to many of the competitors taking part. 

We're using sit-on-top kayaks so you are not strapped in and steering is quite easy.

There will be safety marshals on the water to keep an eye on you also.

Everyone will have a buoyancy aid on them to assist them should they fall off.

If you should fall off (and there is no reason to do this) you should be able to climb back on board again and continue. 


Q) Are Wets Suits mandatory for the Swim?

A) No. 

Competitors will have a choice to use a wetsuit for the swim if they so wish - wetsuits are recommended but not mandatory.

The approximate water temperature in Keel Lough where the swim and paddle section will take place is expected to be in the region of 12-14 deg C in early September.


Q) Will the Kayak and swim take place together?

A) The Kayak and Swim Stage will take place in the same place but on separate courses to avoid swimmers coming into direct contact with kayaks. 


Q) Where will the Kayak and swim stages take place?

A) The swim and kayak stage will take place in Keel Lough.


Q) How will the swim / kayak distances be decided on to give a "Fair" race?

A) The exact lengths of the Swim and Kayak Sections will be such as to try to match them both based of equivalent abilities - i.e. - 2 Good Paddlers in a sit on top Vs Good Swimmer

This will include an allowance for a swimmer to start the race with a wet suit on and to finish this section by either wearing or carrying the wetsuit from the swim exit to the transition area which must be "Visited" by all competitors between the Water and Run sections. Allowance will be made for swift removal of a wetsuit after the swim or in transition.

A small area will be provided at the swim entry / exit point for any swimmers that might wish to use trainers for the run from and back to the transition area. 

Q) Is there a mandatory kit list

A) Yes – This list is basic, is selected for your safety and comprises of the following:  

  •  Basic first aid kit (Minimum: 1 x Dressing Pad for heavy bleeding (field dressing); 1 x bandage (Min 2" wide roll type or Triangular),  selection of plasters)
  • Survival bag or foil blanket
  • Hat or Buff
  • Wind/ Waterproof Top
  • Whistle
  • Energy food and drink
  • Bicycle helmet for cycling section - Full repair kit is recommended including spare tubes, pump etc
  • Recommended:- Mobile Phone in a sealed / waterproof bag - Enter Race emergency contact nos in advance:- 086-3503994; 087-6254884; 
Other additional Items that may be required for the Expert Race in the case of bad weather are: 
  • Gloves *
  • Spare long sleeved top*
  • Heavy duty waterproof rain jacket*

You will need a small rucksack or suitable bumbag to carry kit if you cannot carry on your person in pockets, etc

You will NOT need to bring this Kit with you on the first Kayak / Swim Leg

You will need to bring it with you on the Run and Bike sactions

We'll let you know at Race Checkin on Friday night if these additional items are needed for the expert race - weather forecast dependent.

Pre-race, during and post races checks may be undertaken in relation to Mandatory Kit.

No external support with drinks, food, kit, drafting vehicles or repairs is permitted during the event

Vocal support is of course permitted smiley

Penalties will be imposed. - These will range from standing time penalties of 2 or 5 minutes to disqualification in the case of serious and/or blatent disregard for the mandatory kit and/ or any other rules such as on course support, drafting vehicles, etc.

Penalties will be at the discretion of the organisers. - This Kit is for Your Safety - Please Comply or Risk Being Disqualified!

Q) Do I need one lay licence for the race?

A) No - One day licences of any type are not needed for the Achill ROAR smiley

We have 3rd party insurance in place for the event.

All participants take part in the event at thier own risk.

Should you feel you need personal accident or equipment insurance cover then you may wish to take out a a personal insurance policy such as those offered by Sportscover Direct.

Q) Can you give me a breakdown of the distances?

A) Approximate course distances and order of the disciplines are: 

Mini ROAR:

Short Run (~600m) to Start of Swim/ Kayak Section

Swim 200m or Kayak 700m

Return Run to Transition Area (~600m)

Run 4km (Beach and grass)

Bike 12km (All tarmac and no big hills)

Short  Dash (~100m) to Finish on foot

Sport ROAR:

Short Run to Start of Swim/ Kayak ( ~600m)

Swim 400m or Kayak 1200m

Run 8km (Mainly Beach and Grass with a short section of mountain in middle - trail shoes recommended)

Bike 22km ( All tarmac roads - undulating)

Short Dash to Finish (~100m Run) 

Expert ROAR:

Short Run to Start of Swim ( ~600m)

Swim 1000m or Kayak 2500m

Return Run to transition (~600m)

Run 15km ( Mix of beach, Grass and Open mountain including a ascent to Summit of Croghan (644m) and descent on offroad mountain terrain - Trail shoes strongly recommended)

Bike 45km ( all Tarmac with some decent drags and one steep descent)

Short Beach Dash to Finish (~ 100m Run)

Q) Are dogs allowed on the course?

A) NO - The route is not suitable for dogs (even if on a lead) either during training or in the race itself due to the presence of grazing sheep throughout the island.

Respect for the livestock on the lands used for the event is paramount no disruption is to be caused.

Your entry to the event is conditional on you observing this strictly.

Q) What will I Wear ?


Yes that is the question we ask ourselves when we are about to take on an Adventure Race.

Will I be warm enough or will I be too warm?

What if it rains?

All these questions so what is the sensible and most practical gear to wear.

Rule number one anything you wear on race day should be tried and tested beforehand.

No it is not the day to take out the shiny new trail runners that your beloved bought for you. Comfort is vital especially for those longer distances.

Let’s start with tops. If it’s early or late season and there is a nip in the air a thin breathable base layer is good. Over that a bike shirt is a good choice because of the pockets for food, survival gear and light jacket. A full zip is useful as you can ventilate better with it. Your light jacket should be waterproof and will also keep the wind out. If you are not inclined to use a base layer arm warmers are also useful for an early start in a race and can be taken off easily as you warm up, put in bikeshirt pockets, etc.

Shorts are the next part of the outfit. Lycra and not the old GAA shorts are the recommendation. These should have a bit of “protection” for the bike but not the full on cycling shorts as they can become a bit awkward and rub especially on long runs when wet or sweaty as they are likely to be after the water stage. Some shorts have pockets which are useful for holding gels.

Good footwear is key to comfortable and secure running. Trail shoes are a must as the terrain can vary a great deal during a race. Good socks which fit snugly are a good investment.

On the cooler days compression socks will give you a bit of extra warmth and protection if the route entails gorse.

 A very useful bit of kit is a buff. It will keep the head warm when used as a headband or a Beanie. It can be put down your shirt on the bike to keep your chest and core warm on a downhill bike or exposed mountain section and it can be also worn on the wrist as a sweat band. we will be providing an achill ROAR buff to everyone when you sig on before the event enlightened

Finally a pair of fingerless gloves are good to have.

A bit of protection from the elements and just in case you slip they will save the hands.

It will be a bit of trial and error and some things will work differently for folk but the main thing is to find out what works for you in training so that you can just get on with enjoying your race.

Achill 2015 Race Tops will be Sleeveless Fleeces as shown below in addition to Achill ROAR Race Buff for the 1st 500 entries