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Achill Roar Adventure Race

Saturday 5th of September 2015

ENTRY Now Open


Our Mini event is aimed at true beginners to this type of mulitisport event yes

Spot prizes only will be awarded in the mini event to avoid it being targeted as easy pickings by experienced athletes

Name transfers FOC (1 per entry) are available by e-mail request up to 20th August

We hope this will encourage you to enter early to avail of cheaper entry prices and thus have a season long highlight to aim for with the added comfort of knowing your entry fee is refundable if for some reason you are unable to compete.

You can change up or down in distance depending on how your training has gone - No problem, drama or cost to you smiley

Costs Quoted are fully Inclusive of All Entry Charges for the online entry system provider, quality ROAR race top,  Outfront Buff, chip timing with splits for each leg, VAT on your entry plus €2 from each entry fee will be donated to a local cause

Cost of entry for 2015 event:

€ 70  - 01/07/15 to  20/08/15 - Note Group Discounts of up to 20% available => €56/hd

€ 75  - 20/08/15 to 30/08/15*

* Or earlier if race limit has been reached

Group Discount for 4 - 6 (10%), 7-9 ( 15%), 10+ (20%)yes


The Wave Start times will be finalise after entries close on 30th Aug but are likley to be as follows:

Wave 1 at 10.00 – Expert Course – Elite and Joggers

Wave 2 at 10.30 - Expert Course - Runners

Wave 3 at 11.00 – Sports Course – Elite and some Runners

Wave 4* at ~11.30 – Sports Course – Runners and Joggers

Wave 5* at ~12.00 – Mini Course  – All levels

Note: - If large race entry then Wave 5 at 12.00 will be for Sport Course and Wave 6 at 12.30 will be for Mini race participants

Race briefing will take place 10 mins before each wave start at start area

We will have wave starts as detailed above for each category so please be honest about your proposed category level as it will be better for you to be competing against similar level participants.

We may have to put late entries in an unsuitable category if any one section is oversubscribed so please all be honest about your abilities and realistic expectations

Wave times will be confirmed shorthly after registration has closed on 30th August

For guidance on Category Levels:

Elite - Typically top 20% in competitive events

Runner - Typically placing 20 to 50% in competitive events

Jogger / Walker - Typically placing 50+% in competitive events

The categories for the Achill Roar are:

  • Mini ROAR - Aimed at beginners to this type of event with low to medium fitness level - No experience required smiley

  • Sports ROAR - Suitable for those with a good level of fitness to complete the race confidently

  • Expert ROAR - Good level of fitness and experience in other events recommended - winning time is about 3 hours so slower folk can be on the course for over 5 or possibly 6 hours

Click on the above categories for more details

The discipline’s for the Achill ROAR event are:

  • Running – Mainly off road
  • Cycling – On Tarmac suitable for any type of bike
  • Swimming or Paddling a either a Double Sit on Top Kayak or SUP (Kayaks/ SUP Supplied) or a Single Kayak should you chose to bring your own

 Approximate course distances and order of the disciplines are: 

Mini ROAR:

Short run (~600m) to lake

Swim 200m or Kayak ~700m *

Short run (~600m) to transition

Run 4km ( Flat - on Beach)

Bike 12km 

Short Dash (~100m) to Finish

Sport ROAR:

Short run (~600m) to lake

Swim 400m or Kayak ~1200m *

Short run (~600m) to transition

Run 8km ( Mainly flat on beach with short hill section in the middle)

Bike 22km 

Short Dash (~100m) to Finish

Expert ROAR:

Short run (~600m) to lake

Swim 1000m or Kayak ~2500m *

Short run (~600m)to transition

Run 15km ( Beach and Mountain Run up to 644m summit)

Bike 45km

Short Dash (~100m) to Finish



Exact Swim /  Kayak distances are "matched" to give a "fair" race with allowance for removal of wetsuit, etc!

Kayak estimations are base on two good paddlers in a double sit on top

Anyone with skill to bring your own fast "racing" (single) boat should be faster than a good swimmer

Anyone who is a very good swimmer and a poor paddler should be faster swimming

Please refer to our FAQ section for a list of Frequently Asked Questions