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Our 8 week training plans are aimed at Beginners and intermediat standards

The Start dates for all Training Plans is Monday 14th July 2014


Beginners for the Mini will have a very low level of fitness at commencement of the plan

Intermediate for the Mini will be capeable of completing a 5km jog without stoppping at start of plan

8 Week Training Plan for 2014 Achill ROAR Mini Course HERE

Beginners for the Sport course shoudl be able to complete a 5km run / jog or a 12 km cyclyewithout stopping at start of the plan

Intermediates for the Sport course shoudl be capeable fo completing a 7 km run or a 15km cycle at start of the plan

8 Week Training Plan for 2014 Achill Roar Sport Course HERE

Achill Roar and other Adv RaceTraining

Individual and group training for the ROAR or other multisport events is available from Paul Mahon of Multisport Adventure Ireland (www.msai.ie) and Brian Keogh of Total Experience (www.totalexperience.ie) by arrangement.

Expert tuition is assured from some of Ireland's leading adventure racers

The training can be tailored for those doing Gaelforce, Achill Roar or other adventure race events 

Please e-mail us at info@roar.ie if interested in group or individual training.

To get you started here are some top Adventure Racing tips from Paul

  • Plan specifically for each race
  • Find out the detail of the course (distances, terrain, profile, etc) and train accordingly
  • Ensure your bike is in good condition and not likely to cause you problems
  • This includes tyre and pressure selection to suit the terrain if it is variable
  • Select suitable clothing and bag / bum bag etc for event
  • Ensure you have practiced in whatever clothing you think you might wear and that your bag does not bounce, provides quick access, etc
  • Be prepared for changed weather conditions – mentally and physically
  • Ensure footwear is well broken in before event
  • This may involve more than one pair of shoes to take account of underfoot conditions
  • Plan your food strategy appropriate to the race
  • Ensure you have sufficient food for the event and only eat bars/ gels that work for you
  • Hydrate often and early - water is usually not sufficient
  • Use hydration products that work for in training you such as NUUN, Hi Five, Deoralyte, etc
  • Expect the unexpected as it sometimes does happen
  • If you have problems along the way just deal with them quickly and get back to racing asap

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